What is Grunwick 40?

Grunwick 40 is a joint project run by Brent Trades Council, Willesden Green Town Team and Brent Museum and Archives. We are generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Near Neighbours and donations from the following individuals and organisations:

Thanks to these great organisations and individuals who contributed to the project:

Colin Adams, Sue Ahrens, E Anderson, Anne, ASLEF Bletchley, ASLEF District 8, ASLEF Northern Line North, ASLEF West London Electric, Ray Atkinson, Sujata Aurora, Hannah Awcock, Helen Backhouse, Mike Baker, Upekha Bandaranayake, Kojo Barbah, Julia Bard, Barnet Trades Council, Barrow Trades Council, Miles Barter, Pauline Baseley, Battersea and Wandsworth TUC , James Beecher, Alice Bell, Ben, Manuella Beste, Julian Bild, Billy, George R Binette, Ian Birchall, Jonathan Blake, Gerald Blessington, Scumbly Blythe, Phil Bradley, Brent Council Labour Group, Brent Central Labour Party, Jacquie Brown, Pat Brown, Dermot Bryers, Suzanne Burge, Mark Burton, Tony C, Ruth Cadbury MP, Michael Calderbank, Calderdale Trades Council, Andrea Carey Fuller, Tommy Carroll, RMT Central Line West Branch, Rita Chadha, Pratichi Chatterjee, Tony Cisse, Claire and Rick, Nick Clark, Anne Clarke, Lia Colacicco, Alex Colas, Bob Collins, Rita Conneely, James Connell, Maureen Cooper, Gertraud Cox, Sarah Cox, Francis Crot, Giovy D, Tanya D, Ann DeRizzio, Mags Dewhurst, Jack Dromey, Bridget Dunne, Jenny Dunne, Ratna Dutt, Ealing Trades Council, Eli, Ella, Emma, Dave Esbester, FBU, David Fagan, Padraic Finn, Pete Firmin, Football Against Apartheid, Louise Foster, Sarah Foster, Fred, Steve French, Terry Gallagher, Divya Ghelani, GMB Brent and Barnet, GMB Union, GMB Westminster TUPS, Winmarie Greenland, Paul Grist, Sally Groves, Lesley Hale, Anne Hansen, Nick Hay, Roy Heath, Monica Hingorani, Hull Trades Council, Krupesh Hirani, Jannat Hossain, Emma Jackson, Mike Jackson, Hugh Jaeger, Michal Jaworski, Jean, Fred Jerrome, C Jess, Jimmie & Anne-Marie, Catherine Johns, Hannah Jones, Kate and Jamie, Keith, Katie, Ken Keable, Hilda Kean, Norman Kebell, Peter Kelly, AL Kennedy, Matt Kerr, David Kersey, Ayesha Khan, Charlie Kiss, Wendy Knight, Trish Lavelle, Dan Laverick, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, John Livingston, Janice Long, Lorna, Marie Lynam, Lynne, Tony M Taylor, John Mackenzie, Callum Macrae, Sarah Maguire, Narendra Makanji, Make Willesden Green, Gita Malhotra, Malik, Mandeep, Anabel Marsh, Dom McArdle, Anne McCormack, Maureen McHugh, Sophia McGibbon, Michael, Michael McSherry, Heather Mikhail, Mimi, Aisling Moyler, Tom Murphy, Near Neighbours, Neil Nerva, Oliver New, Noel, Norwich Trades Council, NUJ, NUJ London Magazines, NUJ Manchester and Salford, Eiri Ohtani, Other Asias, Scrife Ozer, Dan Palmer, Roger Palmer, Arvind Parmessur, Ang Parrot, Ashika Patel, Rajesh Patel, PCS Union, Susie Plant, Ruth Potts, Judith Price, Prospect , Chris Purnell, Jim R, Nat Raha, Lorna Reith, David Riley, RMT London Region, RMT Neasden, RMT TfL No.1 & LU MATS, RMT Union, Bruce Robinson, Roy Rogers, Stephen Rooney, Rosa, Rachel Rose Reid, Luke Roberts, Leon Rosselson, Paul Rutland, Shelley Angelie Saggar, Saj114, Mike Sanders, CJ Sarell, Ian Saville, Sivapriya Selvaraj, Atiha Sen Gupta, Andrew Seymour, Julian Sharpe, Jake Shell, Katherine Shelley, Maggie Simpson, Pam Singer, Rona Skene, Janet Snell, Kiran Sodha, Sondhya, Dave Statham, Gerard Stilliard, Abby Sullivan, Catherine Takhtay, Caroline Taleb, Shama Tatler, Ruth Teddern, Chris Todd, Bev Trounce, TUC SE Region, UCATT Harlesden, UCU Manchester Metropolitan, Unison Birkbeck College, Unison Bolton, Unite Bristol Retired Members Branch, Unison Camden, Unison London Region, Unison Stoke on Trent, Unite Clerkenwell & St Pancras, Unite SW Bristol & Area Community branch, Tessa V, Alex Walsh, Ray Walsh, Vicky Walsh, Annie Walshe, Zaffar Van Kalwala, Julian Vaughan, Sarah Veitch, Sam Vickers, Mike Vine, Gurpreet Virdee, Satnam Virdee, Pete Webster, Julie Weekes, Clare White, Bill Whitehead, Willesden Local History Society, Sandra Wilson, Roger World Man, Yurij, … plus all those who donated at meetings and fundraising events during 2016, and a further 23 donors who wished to remain anonymous.