Jayaben Desai celebrated on Women’s Hour Power list

In response to today’s announcement that Jayaben Desai, leader of the Grunwick strike, is one of seven women chosen to feature on the BBC Women’s Hour Power list, Sujata Aurora, chair of Grunwick 40 said:

“We are delighted that Women’s Hour have chosen to recognise and honour Jayaben Desai. Her inspirational leadership of the Grunwick strike brought the issues of workplace exploitation and racism to the fore and challenged the perception of Asian women being inherently passive and docile. The tenacity she demonstrated in the struggle for dignity at work is something we can, and should, learn from today.”

Jayaben’s son Shiv Desai said:

“My mother was a remarkable woman of substance who not only stood up against oppression in the workplace to lead the Grunwick strike for workers’ rights with selfless dedication; but with her steadfast resolve she turned it into a national movement for human rights and dignity across the socio-political landscape inspiring future generations”


1. “We are the lions”, a major exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the Grunwick strike featuring original archive material and photographs, is on display at Brent Museum & Archives until 26th March 2017. For further details see here.

2. Grunwick 40 is an alliance of residents and trade unionists who have come together to mark the anniversary of the Grunwick strike. It is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

3. The seven women on the Power list 2016 were chosen because of the huge impact they’ve made on women’s lives over the past seven decades.

4. For further details on the Power List, see here.

For further comment from Grunwick 40, please contact Sujata Aurora:


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